Radhe (2021) Bollywood Movie


So, Hello I hope you are fine. Radhe is a Bollywood Movie that was released on 13 May 2021. This movie features world-famous actor Salman Khan. This movie is released on EID. There is a schedule of Salman Khan it is that he will release movies on Eid festival, everyone knows it. This movie is directed by Prabhu Deva, who directed the old movie Wanted. How much do you from you people love that movie of Salman?. That movie was very good, good for entertainment but there is another movie which they both created is Dabangg 3, which I don’t want to remember. I was interested to see whether this Radhe movie will be good like Wanted or bad like Dabangg 3. This movie is avaible to watch on Zee5 with subscription.

When the trailer of this movie was released there was a very hip for it. Everyone is saying that there is nothing new in this trailer. This trailer is copied from all his old good movies. And that is what happened with the movie actually. I am saying the truth that before starting watching this movie I switch off my brain. But while watching the movie there is something other in the story and I thought that maybe the movie can be good and I should switch on my brain. But, when I saw the end of this movie I have nothing to say but “This can only be done by Bhaijan (Salman Khan)”.

The story of this movie is so basic. Salman Khan is a police officer and Randeep Hooda is a villain, the villain comes and starts a drugs business in Mumbai city which Salman Khan or the police officer did not like. That’s why they are fighting each other. The twist is there but very minimum.

The name of this movie is Radhe and the main attraction is Salman Khan. In this movie, they showed us, Salman, as a police officer but I want to say that he is not looking for a police officer but as a superhero. The powers of Salman in this movie are not possible in real life. Overall the action of this movie is good but after cutting the last 15 minutes of the movie. Only Randeep Hooda’s action scenes are good in the movie. He already proved it on Extraction with Cris Hemsworth. But when Salman comes the whole scene is going bad because of his unnatural superpowers which are given by the director of the movie.

There are many piracy websites that leaked this movie online illegally. Which are TamilYogi, Moviesjet, Filmyzilla, and many more. Movie piracy is a very big crime we should not download pirated movies.


  • Salman Khan as Radhe, an undercover police officer
  • Disha Patani as Diya Abhyankar, Radhe’s love interest
  • Randeep Hooda as Rana
  • Jackie Shroff as ACP Crime Branch Avinash Abhyankar, Diya’s brother and Radhe’s boss
  • Sudhanshu Pandey as Dilawar
  • Megha Akash as Nikisha
  • Bharath as Inspector Sarvesh
  • Gautam Gulati as Girgit
  • Govind Namdev as Joint Commissioner (Operations) I. G. Ramesh Patil
  • Pravin Tarde as Dagdu Dada
  • Darshan Jariwala as Home Secretary
  • Siddhartha Jadhav as Ranjeet Mawani
  • Arjun Kanungo as Mansoor
  • Ihana Dhillon as Nasreen, Mansoor’s wife
  • Naufal Azmir Khan as Ranveer
  • Shawar Ali as Vipul Shah
  • Vishwajeet Pradhan as ACP Arjun
  • VJ Andy as Jazz, a photographer
  • Kulvinder Warwal as Mor Krishna
  • Vijay Singh as Ali
  • Sangay Tsheltrim as Lota
  • Aaryan Arora as Sumeet
  • Sumit Chandra as News Reporter
  • Shruti Bisht as Sumeet’s sister
  • Josem M Adams as Sumeet’s brother
  • Parveen Kaur as Sumeet’s mother
  • Mitansh Lulla as Azaan
  • Micky Makhija as Mumbai Police Commissioner
  • Pravesh Rana as Heeralal
  • Shubhankar Tripathi as Mannu
  • Kamaal Malik as Landlord
  • Nancy Jain as Sairah
  • Salim Baig as Nizamuddin
  • Ajay Singh as Crime Branch Officer
  • Sanjeev Sharma as Crime Branch Officer
  • Jacqueline Fernandez as a bar dancer in an item number song “Dil De Diya”


This movie has very very bad ratings on the internet. Over 170k people rated this movie 1.9/10 on IMDb, which is very poor rating for a Bollywood Movie which features a world famous actor Salman Khan.