Heropanti 2 (2022) Bollywood Movie

Heropanti Filmyzilla

Heropanti 2 is a newly launched Bollywood Movie. Before I go to watch this movie. I cleared my thoughts about the trailer and all the bad things which I thought about this movie because I believe in giving chance. I thought maybe this movie can be good. But, I was wrong. When the movie started I got to know that I don’t need to use my brain and that’s why I stopped using my brain. When I booked the ticket to watch the movie I saw that the theatre is houseful but I bought four tickets somehow at the corner of the theatre. After I go there to watch the movie I got shocked that there were not many people to watch the movie there was a maximum of 10 people in the theatre.

When I want to know their reaction to the movie by seeing their faces I found that everyone was using their phones and no one was watching the movie. If you want to use phones in the theatre by paying INR 100 to 200 then you can go to watch this movie because this movie features Nawazuddin Siddique, who pays a magician character in the movie and his plan is to steal money from India in the story of Heropanti 2.

Before I am starting to pointing all the things in this movie many people will say that you also did not use your brain when you talked about RRR and KGF 2 movie and you are a hypocrite then I want to say that I set my mind to review this movie at good mind If the movie shows me some over to top things but the movie which sets it’s own rules and don’t follow it. For example, at the start of the movie, a random guy punched Tiger Shroff and he got blood there on his face his mother was like what is this my son and then in another scene, there were many many grenades blasted under Tiger’s legs and he was standing at the railway, all the tracks got destroyed but he did not get any small scratch at his body.

If I side finding logic in action scenes then I want to know who wrote the story of this movie. There was a scene when Tiger Shroff’s mother was coming from India on a plane and Tiger Shroff did not know the airport where his mother will land and the character of Nawazuddin Siddique was acting like he was talking on the phone without actually holding the phone and giving wrong information that his mother will land in a particular airport and someone was hearing that thing in front of him and Nawazuddin was not holding any phone just acting with his hand and the person who was hearing him did can’t see that he is not actually holding a phone and after believing that information Tiger shroff… No broh no.

Reading this thing will awkward you and watching it will make you more awkward. If the story is made bad then I still do not much complain about this movie because I would pass the movie by watching the action scenes of the movie. But, the action scenes are also not much good. If you are going to see this movie then I would like to give you some work to do please count the numbers and how much Tiger Shroff showed his APS.

If you don’t know anything about the action of this movie then you should go and watch the first trailer of this movie and all the actions which are shown here are available there in the movie. The car was rolling in the air but one thing that I did not expect is that before the car action scene Tiger Shroff was affected by a Bullet in his back. Before the action scene, he was screaming that I got shot I got shot.

I am honestly saying that I want to give this movie a chance for mainly two reasons. The first is for Nawazuddin Siddique, Maybe he was tolled that come we will give you a role like a jocker and made him like a jocker and the same thing is done with the music of the movie. This movie has songs by A.R. Rahman. Heropanti 1 was a very good movie compared to this movie but that was a remake. I will never recommend you to watch this movie.

Cast of Heropanti 2

  • Tiger Shroff as Babloo Ranawat
  • Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Laila
  • Tara Sutaria as Inaaya
  • Zakir Hussain
  • Amrita Singh as Babloo’s mother
  • Kriti Sanon Special appearance in the song “Whistle Baja 2.0”


The movie got very very bad ratings on the Internet. Nearly 1k people rated this movie 1.6/10 on IMDb, which is a very bad rating. I will not suggest anyone watch that movie. Zee News rated this movie 4/5 which is totally biased rating by the Godi media.