Dhaakad (2022) Bollywood Movie


Dhaakad is a newly launched Hindi language Bollywood Movie. The film features Kangana Ranaut as the main character of the film. The film was released on 20th May 2022. The film was directed by Debutant Razneesh Ghai and the budget of the film is nearly INR 100 crore (US$ 1.28 million) and the box office collection of the film is currently nearly INR 2.31 crore (US$ 297.5k). The film is said to be a disastrous flop at the Box office.

When the trailer of the film was released on the Internet, there was a very big hipe made for this film but that hipe is missing at the theatre because the film was released on 20th May and I went to watch it at night at 8 PM and that screening was going to cancel because there was no one to watch it. Then what? we have to buy three tickets to watch the film.

After hearing these things if you are demotivating that maybe the film can be very bad that’s why people don’t go there to watch it. In my personal opinion, this film is not much bad that only 2 people are there to watch it on the night show.

So, seeing the story of Dhaakad is like, Kangana Ranaut’s character is a spy or agent, and Agni the main character is very ruthless meaning she kills people like they are ants. That’s why when she got a mission to stop human trafficking in India then she comes to India and the villains which are against her were Arjun Rampal as Rudraveer and Divya Dutta as Rohini and these villains are also very brutal.

In this movie, they give us Information and show us many actions, and explored the past of the main character Agni. The main weakness of this film is the story and the characters of the film because there are many characters which are died in the film and I did not feel anything for them because they didn’t develop these characters much.

For example, see Agent Agni the film creators presented her as a brutal character, and then when a small girl said her to play with her, then they build a personal connection. Then if this thing can be limited to this scene then It can be ok, but when the film continues we see that the film shows not the mission of the film but shows the relation between the small girl and Agni. So, these emotional decisions did not feel so much weight.

Because I am saying about the negative of the film then I want to add one more thing and that is the film tried to play a surprise twist with us at the end of the film which did not work. After reading these things you might think that the film will be really bad. But no.

There are many departments of the film which work very greatly for example the action of the film. And you have not watched the film yet so I don’t know how much you will believe me I don’t know but for example, If the main character of this film was any other foreign actress instead of Kangana then you must assume that this film is not made in India. Because a female lead film shows us much high-level action scenes where other Bollywood stars are flying pulsers and landing helicopters with their hands in the name of action.

This film’s action scenes are very realistic and stylise. Yes, there is a scene where four people are firing at Agni when she was running but not even one bullet touches her is not realistic in movies, this is a normal thing and can be ignored compared to the recent Bollywood films. Ignoring these type of scenes the rest of the remaining scenes was very good. The cinematography of the film was just amazing of the film. In some scenes, the color addition was very good.

If you don’t want to use your brain to watch a movie and to entertain yourself then you can watch this film. But I will not recommend you to watch it. The film is available to watch on a famous OTT platform Voot. You have to pay for the subscription to watch this film.


  • Kangana Ranaut as Agent Agni
  • Arjun Rampal as Rudraveer
  • Divya Dutta as Rohini
  • Saswata Chatterjee as Handler
  • Sharib Hashmi as Fazal
  • Tumul Balyan as Pratap
  • Gabriel Georgiou as Shamsher
  • Siddhant Shukla as Traitor
  • Gyula Mesterhazy as Fyodor
  • Daniel Viktor Nagy as Sheikh


The film got mixed ratings on the Internet. Nearly 9k people rated this film 6.1/10 on IMDb, which is decent ratings. Shalini Langer from Indian Express rated this film 3.5/5, which is a positive rating. Rachana Dubey from the Times of India rated this film 3/5, which is a decent good rating for the Bollywood Movie.